I might not say this very often, but he's one of the very selected special guy in my life and I'd always want the best of things.. And I bet he knows he can always count on me for anything. His creativity, visualising power & eye on detail impressed me lot to say about the Great Person & The Great Designer.

Anil Thomas
Creative Director


Shivayogi - "Shiva" a person who rules the world and "Yogi" meaning a person practices yoga to achieve unbelievable things. Here we have a designer who designs out of the box and exceeds all the expectations. Though not visible by his looks, Shivayogi is one who always exceeded my expectations in all the assignments I have given (many times he gave me lot of options which made by task difficult). He is one who can do best things if under pressure. I am sure that he shines above expectations in his assignments and will be an asset to the designing world.

S. P. Karthikeyan
Creative Services Manager